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THIS book was first written in 1934, when China was in her darkest hours, threatened with invasion and with no leadership in sight. Since then there has been a transformation in the spirit of the Chinese nation, from derelict despair into hope, unity and national self-confidence, as shown in -its brave war of resistance. There was great internal progress in social and economic reconstruction, and the modernization of China was going on at such speed as to suggest a race against time, before the oncoming Japanese deluge. Spiritually the Chinese people were first driven into a frenzy by steady Japanese aggressions, and then galvanized into unity, determined to achieve national liberation even at fabulous sacrifice, and confident of final victory.
Such a united nation of four hundred million people, with such high morale and able leadership, can never be conquered by a foreign power. I believe that when China achieved true unity at the time of the Sian revolt, she had passed the worst crisis of her modern history. The story of this development is told in the chapter which I have added to this new edition, entitled "A Personal Story of the Sino-Japanese War." In this story I have recorded step by step China's rebirth as a modern nation; the foundations of Chinese resistance as laid in the years from 1932 to 1937; the impossible state of affairs during those years and my feeling that armed conflict was inevitable and that the regeneration and redemption of China through war were equally inevitable and axiomatic; an outline of the policy of Chiang Kaishek, the master strategist, throughout all these years and his present tactics for prolonged resistance, and finally my forecast of the final victory and the eventual development of China into an independent and progressive democracy.
THE AUTHOR January 20, 1939 Pans
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